Nuclear Power Plants

 Ansaldo Nucleare has proven experience and references in a wide range of different technologies:


Advanced PWR;

Advanced BWR;

Small Sized NPPs;

Fast Reactors;

Waste Transmutation Reactors (Nuclear Reactor Prototypes for Transmutation)




Ansaldo Nucleare has gained an extensive experience working both on the Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) and on the Balance of Plant, as well as an architect engineer in Italy and abroad.

Ansaldo Nucleare works also on turnkey projects as an EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor that carries out: project management, quality management (QA / QC), planning and project control, design and engineering, supply of materials and components, site activities, erection, commissioning and hand-over to operator.

Our most recent activities were performed on the international market in:


  • Cernavoda NPP - Unit 2 - Romania

This CANDU reactor, that was grid-connected in 2007 was the only nuclear power plant built in Europe in the last decade. The project was carried out by a Joint Venture comprised by Ansaldo Nucleare (40%) and AECL (Atomic Energy Canda Limited), Ansaldo supplied the electrical systems, instrumentation and control, the auxiliary systems of the Nuclear Island and the thermal cycle.


  • AP1000 - Sanmen NPP - Unit 1 - China

Ansaldo Nucleare took part to the development of Westinghouse's passive technology by performing design and engineering activities as well as theorical validation of data. Nowadays Ansaldo Nucleare participates to the construction of the first AP1000 unit in China by providing detailed and installation engineering of components inside the reactor building. Ansaldo Nucleare is also responsible for the design, supervision, and monitoring of the Containment Vessel, in addition to that Ansaldo also supplies the Passive Residual Heat Removal Heat Exchanger, two of the most innovative components of the plant.


  • Mochovce NPP - Unità 3 e 4 - Repubblica Slovacca

Ansaldo Nucleare provides support to Enel and Slovenske Elektrarne in planning, quality management (QA / QC) , and follow-up of both design activities and supply chain management.





In the frame of european and international cooperation agreements, Ansaldo Nucleare contributes significantly to the development of innovative nuclear power plant technologies, the next generation of nuclear power will have better economics, a significant reduction in the nuclear waste produced from operations, and increased safety features.

Ansaldo Nucleare is one of the leading companies in the development of lead-based fast reactors, in particular Ansaldo Nucleare is the team leader in the project "Lead-cooled European Advanced Demonstrator Reactor" within the Framework Programme VII of the European Union.

In the frame of the international effort for the construction of the experimental fusion reactor ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), Ansaldo Nucleare is the leader of the consortium that is manufacturing 7 sections (out of 10) of the Vacuum Vessel, one of the most complex components of the whole project.

    Our main projects: 

  • Internationa Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER);
  • International Reactor Innovative and Secure (IRIS);
  • Lead-cooled fast reactors:
    • European Lead System (ELSY);
    • European Technology Pilot Plant  (ETPP / MYRRHA);
    • Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator (ALFRED);
  • European Sodium Fast Reactor  - ESFR.