Fuel Handling Machines


Ansaldo Nucleare supplies customized control systems for fuel handling machines installed in nuclear facilities, including nuclear power plants as well as training centers. Ansaldo nucleare's activities include: design of the control system architecture (safety as well as operating functions); supply of instrumentation and components, actuators and control cabinets; installation and commissioning.

Ansaldo has designed and/or supplied the following Fuel Handling Machines:

  • Temelin, Unit 1 (VVER 1000);
  • Volgodonsk, Training Center;
  • Tianwan, Unit 1 and Unit 2 (VVER 1000);
  • Balakovo, Unit 1 (VVER 1000) - design only;
  • Kozloduy, Unit 1 e Unit 4 - design only.