Radwaste Management


Ansaldo Nucleare has been working for many years in the field of liquid and solid radioactive waste disposal (LILW: Low and Intermediate Level Waste).
Activities include concept definition and detailed design, components and materials procurement, on-site construction and commissioning of complete systems and plants - including turnkey projects - for the treatment of radioactive waste produced during the operating life of nuclear installations, as well as the waste deriving from their decommissioning.


Specific areas and types of interventions:


  • Treatment of solid waste. Definition of treatment technologies and handling systems for solid radioactive waste;


  • Treatment of liquid waste. Definition of treatment processes based on the chemical and radiological characteristics of waste produced during operation of nuclear installations and the waste generated during decommissioning activities;


  • Treatment of organic waste. Development of an innovative wet oxidation process for the treatment of organic radioactive waste, in particular for ionic exchange resins (also conditioned with urea-formaldehyde);


  • Handling systems. Design of systems and equipment for the handling of storage containers for radioactive waste and spent fuel;


  • Radioactive waste storage containers. Design, construction and qualification of containers in compliance with the requirements of IAEA Regulations, for the temporary storage of low and intermediate radioactive waste;


Plants and nuclear sites where Ansaldo Nucleare is active in radwaste management:

  • Trino NPP - Italy
  • Caorso NPP - Italy
  • Joint Research Centre of the European Commission - Ispra - Italy
  • EUREX plant - Saluggia - Italy
  • Ignalina NPP - Lithuania
  • HABOG Storage Facility - Borssele - The Netherlands
  • Khmelnitsky NPP - Ukraine