Ansaldo Nucleare has gained extensive knowledge and capabilities in Decommissioning projects, Ansaldo Nucleare worked first on European R&D programmes and later on the government sponsored decommissioning program in Italy. 

Specific projects include:


  • Feasability studies. Studies aimed at analyzing alternative solutions and select the preferable ones according to technical, economical, and radioprotection criteria;


  • Integrated design. Multidisciplinary activities aimed at the complete and safe dismantling of nuclear installations, these activities include: CAD 3D modeling; definition of dismantling sequences, safety analysis, estimation of dose commitment of exposed operators, cost evaluation and planning of activities;


  • Software development. Development of specific software for the management of decommissioning activities as well as the tracking of contaminated materials resulting from decommissioning activities;


  • Decommissioning tools. Design and procurement of highly customized tools (prototypes) for the removal, drum storage, and transfer to storage facility of the materials resulting from decommissioning;


  • Storage Facilities. Design and construction of storage facilities that include hot workshop with the associated filtering systems, decontamination facilities (both mechanical and chemical), interim storage area, radiological monitoring station, and grouting facility;


  • Design and procurement of qualified drums for transportation and long term storage of low and intermediate radioactive waste;


  • Decommissioning activities on site. Management, coordination, and supervision of decommissioning activities (dismantling, radiological characterization, storage of irradiated materials resulting from decommissioning activities);


  • Support for the regulatory phase. To provide necessary documentation as required by Safety Authority and to provide all necessary support starting from the application phase.

Ansaldo Nucleare has carried out decommissioning activities at the following nuclear installations:

  • Caorso NPP - Italy
  • Garigliano NPP - Italy
  • Casaccia Research Center - Italy
  • EU Joint Research Center - Ispra - Italy
  • RTS-1 research reactor CISAM Pisa - Italy
  • Ignalina NPP - Lithuania